Thursday, May 13, 2010

Madrid, Spain!

That's where we're heading this summer! The change of plans came unexpectedly as Scott found a program and realized it was a perfect fit. Master's in International Education Administration. 13 months. 2 summers in Madrid, and courses online during the school year. As for me, I'll be a tourist :) It was hard, at first, for me to accept not going home to Canada. I try not to think of the things I'll miss, and instead think of the new things I'll get to see and experience. I hope I don't get lonely during the days. Anyone want to visit us while we're there? July 1 - Aug. 2

That's the main news for now. We have 4 weeks of school left....and it's always an exhausting sprint to the end. Hopefully I'll survive. I haven't been running recently because I no longer have a race to train for this summer (I was signed up for the Peach Bud race in Grimsby). And I think it's too hot in Madrid to go running in July. I guess I could go early mornings.

Keep in touch folks!

Much love to all...


Jim L. said...

Scott found a program that "was a perfect fit". Ya, right. Nothing to do with having to spend a month in Madrid, of course :) A real drag that it's in a place where it's so dull, nothing to see/ do, etc :) Sounds Great!!! We want pics of you running with the bulls in Pamplona -- early July!

Beauty in the Everyday said...

We will miss seeing you guys this summer, but I'm all for have fun being a tourist!